Reviews of the Course

Kaipa Kartik

"No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends" - Clarence from "Its a wonderful life"
Great course. Provides an excellent primer on how to make friends and deepen existing friendships. This is a course that will improve the quality of your life.

Ariana Ling

This course covers just about everything you’ll ever come across in friendships. Highly recommended for anyone who’s interested in better understanding themselves as a friend and the people around them.

Cassandra Stawicki

This course offers a compact lesson on relationship management and perfectly guides introspection on personal relationships. It demonstrates how to temper expectations approaching relationships, consider personal ideals and limitations, and develop personal growth and deeper connections. Thanks for the insight!

Jen Coakley

I enjoyed this course. The topics covered are relevant to a wide audience. Each module focuses on a different aspect of friendship - from developing friendships through growing and ending friendships. The course had a great balance of breadth and depth, offering participants additional exercises and readings to supplement the topic area. I highly recommend this course to anyone curious about the nature of friendship.

Anne Alpers

This was an excellent course! I learned a ton about how I can take more effective action to help my relationships, throughout the entire life cycle of the relationship. This is information I plan to use for the rest of my life. An hour very well spent.

Master the ability to create meaningful friendships and skillfully navigate difficult relationships

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Have You Forgotten How to Make Friends?

As little kids, making friends is easy and you are very motivated to interact and play with your friends. But as adulthood piles on responsibilities, family, and demanding careers, your motivation and energy to make new friends and engage with old ones seem to wane. 

However, friendships are an integral part of your success and happiness. Having friends is important for your psychological health which can directly impact your work performance and earning potential. That means friends are both good for your health and wallet.


Imagine if you did take the time to invest in friendships

What would your life look like if you:

  • Developed friendships that are driven by your common interests and build upon mutual respect for each other

  • Had a tight circle of friends that provide you with the trust and support you deserve

  • Spent good times with friends that make you feel happier and fulfilled

  • Had people to help hold you accountable for your goals and actions

Cycles of Friendship will help you master critical skills toward discovering new friendships, improving current connections, and navigating difficult relationships

  • Discover the three main levels of friendship (acquaintanceship, casual friendship, and close friendship) and how to navigate them

  • Re-think biases and open up to a diverse range of potential friends

  • Learn how to build or even re-build friendships after experiencing a major life change

  • Understand how to set boundaries and work through rough patches with friends

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Cycles of Friendship

    • Lesson 1: Finding Friends: Giving Yourself Permission

    • Lesson 2: Finding Friends: Romantic Notions

    • Lesson 3: Finding Friends: What Kind of Friend Are You?

    • Lesson 4: Finding Friends: Starting Over

    • Lesson 5: Deepening Friendships: The Art of Give and Take

    • Lesson 6: Deepening Friendships: More Is Not Always Better

    • Lesson 7: Deepening Friendships: Early Days

    • Lesson 8: Letting Go: Things go wrong 1—The Ups and Downs of Friendship

    • Lesson 9: Letting Go: Things Go Wrong 2—The Complainer’s Club

    • Lesson 10: Letting Go: Things Go Wrong 3—Envy, Rivalry, and Reconnecting

    • Course Certificate & Survey

Bonus material

  • Workbook

    Access to a high-quality workbook with actionable step-by-step guides to help achieve your goals

  • Slides

    Downloaded copies of the course slides

  • Course Certificate

    A certificate for completing the course

Are you ready to deepen your connections and create meaningful friendships?

Invest in building the circle of friends you deserve by taking this course.


  • How do better friendships help my professional life?

    Friends can help support goal reaching and professional development. The relaxation and fun of spending time with friends can re-energize you and improve your overall happiness, leading to better professional performance. Better relationships can lead to a better network for professional growth and opportunities.

  • What topics does this course cover?

    • Finding new friends that can help develop new interests and goals
    • Uncovering biases that prevent the formation of friendships
    • Deepening healthy relationships and navigating unhealthy relationships
    • Awareness of your own friendship habits
    • Setting boundaries and navigating levels of friendship (acquaintances, casual friends, close friends)
    • Building a supportive network to help reach your goals
    • Engaging with and enjoying time with friends to increase happiness and success
    • And More!


  • Can I preview the course?

    Sure! Click here to set up a free account so you can preview a free lesson.

  • How long is this course?

    This course is 1 hour long and contains 10 lessons. The lessons are a distillation of core concepts needed to build and strengthen friendships. Completion of the workbook is optional and outside of this timeframe.

  • What is in the course workbook?

    The workbook breaks down each lesson in an easy to follow format that encourages reflection and practice of each lesson. You will be able to dive deeper into examples of bias, boundaries, desired friendship traits, and more.

  • If I'm not satisifed with the course, can I get my money back?

    Of course. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for our course.

  • Can my company pay for this course?

    Most companies offer reimbursement programs for continuing education. We have created a template you can send to your manager asking for reimbursement for this course, please click here for the template.

  • Will I receive a certificate for completing this course?

    Yes! Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate that you can link to your LinkedIn profile and share with your manager for possible course reimbursement.



Jordan Thibodeau

Jordan has spent the past ten years building relationships with CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs through his professional work at Google's Mergers and Acquisition team, and through the Google Talks Program, a Ted-like series recorded for offices worldwide. Jordan is the community manager for the Silicon Valley Investors Club (SVIC), which is a 8,500 member strong community of STEM professionals dedicated to making smarter investment and career decisions.

Jordan's courses were developed with the help of employees from Fortune 500 companies and have been taught at Google. Participants of the courses have graduated from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford, and other major academic institutions. Over 9,200+ people have completed lessons with an average student satisfaction score of 98%.


Joseph Ternasky

Joseph Ternasky is a software engineer turned engineering leader. He’s dedicated most of his career to building, training and mentoring culturally diverse engineering teams, around the world. His projects include global cloud services, large-scale distributed systems, modern user experiences, and cross-platform and multilingual desktop applications for creative professionals. Joseph graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Who this course is for

Anyone looking to broaden their network

Someone who wants to make new friends but doesn’t know how

People who are ready to emerge from their shell and become more social

Anyone looking to help heal wounded friendships 

People ready to add a dose of fun back into their lives